One-of-a-Kind Wood Collage Art

Easy-to-Make & Colorful Piece

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Wood Chips ready to be painted

Wood Collage Art is Gorgeous!

Modern wood collage is super easy to create!

I wanted a bright and cheery picture for our entry way. And, I had been looking around for a while. I wanted the art work to be colorful, modern and fun and not too expensive. Ta Da – Mid-Century Wood Collage to the rescue!

Well, inspiration hit me while I was walking the Hobby Lobby aisles a week after Christmas. I received a $50 gift certificate to Hobby Lobby for Christmas!  Lucky me! And, of course, I had to immediately use it!  Ok, I regress…anyway, I saw these cute little wooden pieces and LIGHTBULB! What if I made a collage out of them?! And, that is just what I did!

And, it was inexpensive and easy to do…. the price for the woodpile squares and rectangles were $2.99 at retail….and, I even bought them at half price ($1.50)! I bought a 12 x 12 canvas too…also at half price. Thank you Hobby Lobby for your great sales and coupons!

Step 1: Spray the Wood Chips

Luckily, I had the spray paint at home which saved me a ton.  If you don’t have any, I recommend buying a variety of coordinating spray paint colors. I used 5 different colors but you could use more or less, depending on the look you’re wanting.

Spray Painted Wood Chips

Well, the little wooden chips dried super-fast. I painted the entire bag but didn’t use them all.  But, I was glad I sprayed more than I needed as some of the chips warped a bit from the spray paint.

2. Position and Glue the Wood Chips on the Canvas

Mid-Century Collage Art in Progress

Once the wood chips dried, I placed them randomly on the canvas. And, true to form, I added a few buttons here and there.

Once I was happy with how it looked, I glued them…easy and fun! Kind of like working a puzzle!

Let it dry and then, frame.

Now to the entry we go!! LOVE it!!

Well, I did until my husband suggested filling up the entire canvas rather than leaving some white space…..not sure! Ok, I’ll try it.

What do you think? Which do you like better – my partially full version (version A) or my husband’s fully saturated version (version B) below?

Wood Collage Art PartiallY Filled In
Wood Collage Art Version A: Partially Filled In


Wood Collage Art Fully Filled In.
Wood Collage Art Version B: Fully filled-in

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