Just a Hunk, a Hunk of Wood Burned Spoons!

Simple Wood Burned SpoonsSimple Wood Burned Spoons

Wood Burned Spoons are a Great DIY Gift Idea!

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If you’re a wood burner, you’re probably always searching for wood pieces to woodburn. I know I am.

If there’s wood to be found, I will follow.

And, clearly one of my favorite wood “blanks” are wooden spoons. Wooden spoons are inexpensive, readily available and useful.  Therefore, they are perfect mini canvases for beginning wood burners like you and me.

Plus, alone or in a grouping, wooden spoons make:

  • thoughtful housewarming gifts (just grab a couple of spoons, add a cute dish towel and tie all with a ribbon)
  • perfect hostess gifts (and, who can’t use another wooden spoon?)
  • great stocking stuffers (of course, these are the perfect shape and size to slip into Christmas stockings)
  • and great gifts for any occasion (especially for those special cooks in your life).

And, these wooden spoons are especially nice when they are customized for the recipient. Of course, that’s where woodburning comes in!

Wood Burning Turns Ordinary Wooden Spoons into Extraordinary Gifts. 

Check these Beatles-inspired wood burned spoons out! Aren’t they amazing!?  You can buy these on Etsy and they are clearly a favorite of mine.

Or how about these Alice in Wonderland spoons? These are gorgeous and very intricate (and you can also find them on Etsy).

These spoons were clearly done by very talented and experienced wood burners.

Alice in Wonderland Spoons
Alice in Wonderland Spoons – from Etsy

But, with the right design and equipment, even beginners like you and me can make amazing and personalized wooden spoons that you will be proud to give as a gift.

Of course, yours may not be quite as intricate as the Beatles or Alice in Wonderland examples but they will be just as nice.

And, more importantly they were handmade by you!

So, Let’s Get Started on Making Some Wood  Burned Spoons!

My Sentimental Wood Burned Spoons - Faith, Family & Friends
Wood Burned Spoons

These spoons have the words Faith, Family and Friends wood burned on the back of the spoon.

Of course, you can modify the wording. The stencil that I used had many words to choose from –  together, us, love, thankful and many more.

Craft Supplies Needed to Create Wood Burned Spoons

  • Wooden spoons or spatula – I love the Pioneer Woman’s wooden spoons. They are solid, larger than most and pretty.  While they are a little more expensive, they are totally worth it. Thanks Pioneer Woman!
  • Woodburning equipment – I also love the Coldwood Woodburning tools.  I own this exact kit and it’s terrific. If you click on the link you can learn more about it. It’s a bit more expensive than most but so worth it especially if you’re wanting to make woodburning a hobby.

    Wood Burning tool used
    Colwood Wood Burning Tool
  • Word Stencils – This stencil inspired the design. These stencils were a good investment. I have used them a lot and not just on wood burning projects. They are great on handmade greeting cards and collages as well.

    Word Stencil Used to Make Wood Burned Spoons
    Word Stencil Used to Make Wood Burned Spoons

Instructions on Making Wood Burned Spoons:

  • Using the stencil, write the words on the back of the spoon or spatula. While I used the stencil for the words, the rest of the design was freehand.
  • Using the appropriate nib, begin burning the design onto the spatula. I used a writing nib when wood burning this particular design. Of course, having a piece of practice wood nearby to experiment with the heat is very helpful. I usually keep the heat settings around the medium range (5 on my Colwood).  And, don’t forget that the hotter the setting, the darker your image will be.

So, that’s all there is to making these spoons.

Here is a simpler version of the same design (without all the dots and flourishes). I used Elmer’s glue to affix the wooden hearts. Elmer’s glue is non-toxic so it should be ok. However, these would also look fine without the wooden hearts.

Sentiment Wood Burned Spoons
Sentiment Wood Burned Spoons without the Flourishes

And, while I’m at it, here are a few more wood burned spoons that I have made recently.

I bought the design for the foxes, bunny and sun at The Hungry JPEG.  The design was only $1. And, I’m planning on using it on greeting cards as well.  So cute – just love them!

Hope you try woodburning spoons!

Happy Crafting!  And, thanks for visiting my site!  It means a lot!


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