Superheroes Wood Burning Projects Make Great Gifts!

Superheroes Wood Burning SpoonsSuperheroes Wood Burning Spoons

Everyone loves superheroes! I know I do! And, I love them even more since I saw Wonder Woman recently!
And, since I already had cute superhero stencils (including a Wonder Woman one), I knew wood burned superheroes were in my future!

I love these Superheroes Wood Burning Projects!

Superhero Picture Block
Superhero Picture Block

Using stencils makes wood burning so much easier! I first thought that using stencils was a bit like cheating. But, it’s not! Stencils are just one of many “design tools” available to us.

I write about using stencils in another, much more detailed post. The other wood burning post also shows you a bit about the wood burning tools that I use and like. So, if you have a minute, jump over there for a quick introduction to wood burning. That post is one of my most read posts on my site.

Anyway, back to our superheroes wood burning project at hand.

Supplies for Superheroes Wood Burning Project: Wooden Spoons

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.  And, clicking on these links won’t cost you any more. Thank you!

Superhero Stencils
I bought these adorable Classic Superhero stencils through Amazon Prime. These stencils are the perfect size for the wooden spoons and the wooden blocks!  This is the classic superhero set and includes five designs:  Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman and Flash.

Plus, kids love playing with these! Once you finish the superheroes wood burning project, you’ll discover many other creative ways to use them.  For example, how about using them to decorate cupcakes?  Or how about using them to make cards for their friends?  Or how about using them to paint superhero rocks?

These stencils are in the Handmade section of Amazon.  I didn’t know they had a “handmade” section but I’m glad to support our local artisans!  These stencils come in three sizes.  The one I chose was the smallest. I attached a piece of yarn to each stencil to make them easier to find and hard to lose!

Classic Superhero Stencils
Classic Superhero Stencils

Wooden Spoons
Of course, wooden spoons are readily available in most department stores and online. My one suggestion is that you avoid using bamboo spoons for this project. In my experience, bamboo doesn’t wood burn well.

Superheroes Wood Burning Spoons
Superheroes Wood Burning Spoons


Wood Burning Equipment:

I can’t say enough good things about my Colwood Wood Burning Machine!  It’s reliable, versatile and heats up FAST!

Colwood Basic Wood Burning Kit1
Colwood Basic Wood Burning Kit

Supplies for Superheroes Wood Burning Project: Wooden Blocks

Superheroes Wood Burning Blocks
Superheroes Wood Burning Blocks

Superhero Stencils – I purchased these through Amazon Prime’s handmade store.

  • Classic Superhero Stencils

Classic Superhero Stencils

Wooden Blocks – These wooden blocks measure 2-inches.  I bought them through Amazon Prime.

Picture Wire Clips Swirl.  If you want the blocks to hold pictures or notes, you’ll need these little numbers.

Wood Burning Equipment

Instructions to Make Superheroes Wood Burning Projects

Trace the design on the spoons or blocks.

Stenciling the batman logo
Stenciling the batman logo
Tracing the Design
Tracing the Flash Emblem

Use a writer nib to wood burn the design onto the spoons or the blocks.

That is it! They’re easy projects and totally adorable ones for the superhero in your life!


Thanks for visiting! And, while you’re here, check out some of my other wood burning posts!

Superheroes Wood Burning Projects Make Cool Gifts!
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Superheroes Wood Burning Projects Make Cool Gifts!
These adorable superhero wood burned spoons and blocks make the ultimate gift for the super hero in your life!
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