Spanish-Styled, Stenciled Wall Art is Gorgeous & Easy to Make!

Spanish tile artwork is Easy and Gorgeous!Spanish tile artwork is Easy and Gorgeous!

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Stenciled Wall Art Background Commentary:

Hopefully, you can’t relate…but, I am an impatient crafter! 

I’m usually so excited to start a craft, that I’m not as patient and careful as I should be! And, sometimes it shows.

And, then, being that I’m also a perfectionist of sorts, I have to do it AGAIN and AGAIN to get it right.

The craft below was an exception. Even though I was my typical impatient self, I eventually did get the stenciled wall art right the first time! Yay Me!

Actually, I should say yay craft!  It just shows that this craft is EASY (if you use my spray can technique)!

Stenciled Wall Art is Gorgeous!
Stenciled Wall Art Turned Out Gorgeous On The First Try!

The Post:

I had bought this pretty but large (12” x 12”) stencil at Walmart, and I wanted to use it right away!

So, I began tracing the stencil in pencil on an artist panel. It was tedious work and I just wasn’t in the mood for so much detail!

I finally gave up tracing the stencil and started coloring in the stencil with gel pens. But, it looked terrible!

So, rather than scrapping the entire piece, I pulled out some bronze spray paint I had left over from another project.  What did I have to lose?  I went outside and sprayed like a mad woman!

I truly wasn’t expecting it to look like much! But, it did! The spray paint did the trick. It did bleed a bit, but the bleed-through was minor and looked pretty and planned. I then just added some bling and color to jazz it up a bit.

It must have been my lucky day!

I do think this design would look great on a large square piece of tile as well! I also think it would look great using different colors of spray paint. For example, I would love to try it with gold spray paint. It would be gorgeous!

Supplies Needed to Make Stenciled Wall Art:

  • Waverly ® Inspirations Laser Stencils – Décor – Tile, 12″ x ” Item # 60515E is available exclusively at Walmart.

    Waverly laser cut stencil
    Waverly laser cut stencil
  • Bronze Spray Paint
  • 12 x 12 inch flat artist panel (1/8” wide) Note that the quality of the panel matters on this project. It’s important that you use a panel with a smooth finish to reduce the bleed-through from the stencil.  I used an Ampersand artist panel from their value series.

    Ampersand Artist Panel
    Ampersand Artist Panel
  • Gel pens, Swarovski crystals to embellish, gem-tac glue for crystals.


  • Secure stencil on the artist panel tightly. Spray the stencil with the paint and let it dry (about 30 minutes to an hour).

    Spray Painted Stencil
    Spray Painted Stencil
  • Once dry, remove the stencil. Embellish the stenciled design with gel pens and crystals. I only embellished mine a bit.  You could do more or less depending on the look that you want.  For example, you may want to use colors that match your décor.  I love projects like these where you can make it your own!

That’s all to making this beauty! Enjoy!  Thanks so much for visiting me and my blog!  And, while you’re here, check out my most popular post!  Mary

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Spanish TIle Art is So Simple to Create!
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Spanish TIle Art is So Simple to Create!
This Spanish tile artwork will look lovely in your home. And, it's so simple to make!
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