First Project Made with My Pounds of Scrap Ribbon

Easter ribbon eggEaster ribbon egg

Don’t Throw Away Your Ribbon Scraps!

Make this Beautiful Artwork with Scrap Ribbon

Scrap Ribbon Easter Egg
Scrap Ribbon Easter Egg

So, here’s the story behind all the ribbon projects that you’ll be seeing on my blog.

The Story

I was recently at a drapery store with a friend and asked if they had any left-over ribbon they were just going to throw away.  Heck, why not…I have blown my crafting budget to bits recently and, I would welcome all freebies!

Well, they said “yes” VERY enthusiastically. It was like they had waited years for someone to ask them that question.

Well, long story short, they gave me bags and bags of ribbon scraps!  And, bags of ribbon later, I felt a bit overwhelmed and  foolish. What am I going to do with all of that ribbon??

But, being that I love ribbon of all kind and am an eternal optimist, I shook off those concerns. And, became determined to use all that ribbon and make some cute things!

My First Ribbon Project:

We all start somewhere…here’s my first ribbon creation.  There will be more!

Scrap Ribbon Easter Egg
Scrap Ribbon Easter Egg

I drew a simple Easter Egg on a 12″ x 12″ inch canvas and then filled it in with mostly ribbon.  I did add a bit of bling at the top of the egg (Swarovski crystals mostly).  Here’s a closer look at the ribbon Easter egg:

Easter Egg Made From Scrap Ribbon
Scrap Ribbon Easter Egg

I also added a silhouette vinyl saying at the bottom since I felt there was too much white space.


It turned out pretty cute…but I still have a ton of ribbon to use!  So, more ribbon projects are definitely in my future.

Here are a couple of OTHER RIBBON PROJECTS from the web that I really liked and I thought you might like too!

Super Cute Halloween Ribbon Wreath – If you have a lot of coordinating left-over ribbon, check out this Halloween Scrap Ribbon Wreath! Super clever!

Halloween Scrap Ribbon Wreath
Halloween Scrap Ribbon Wreath

Cute Craft Ribbon Coasters – This is a cute and practical way to use up your left-over ribbon.

Cute Scrap Ribbon Coasters
Scrap Ribbon Coasters

Thanks for visiting!  Happy Crafting!



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