If You Loved Art Class, You’ll Love this Wood Craft!

How to create this painted wood craftTutorial on how to create this painted wood craft

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This Wood Craft Project will Remind You of Art Class!

I love trying new craft mediums, and after reading about the many ways you can transfer patterns onto wood, I thought I would try painting on wood!

I ordered the necessary supplies from Amazon and then went on the hunt for the right design. When I found this cute cross stitch pattern on Google, I thought it was perfect. Who knew you can cross-stitch on wood?

It took only a couple of hours to make this cutie! It turned out so cute!  I know I’ll be making more.

Love this Painted Wooden Slab!
Love this Painted Wood Craft!

Wouldn’t it make a great Mother’s Day gift or a birthday gift for someone special?  And, the best part is that this painted wooden slab is easy to do!

The instructions below will show you how you can create a similar art piece.  However, since I made this, I have lost the original pattern.  But, there are many patterns online and I highlighted two of my favorite sources of graphic design ideas in the section below .

Supplies Needed for this Wood Craft Project

  • Large Wooden Slab around 8 to 9-inches –  Slabs like this one cost less than $20. There are many to choose from on Amazon. Just look for a slab that appears smooth and has been sanded.
  • Graphite Paper – There are various ways to transfer a design onto wood. I decided to use graphite paper but there are many other options (stencils, matte gel, . This is a great blog post that will help you transfer graphics to just about any medium.
  • Marker Pens in a Variety of Colors. I bought mine on Amazon and love how bright this brand shows up on wood.  I know I’ll be using these pens on other projects, so they were worth the investment.

    Marker Pens Used in Making the Painted Wooden Slab.
    Marker Pens Used in Making the Painted Wood Craft
  • Krylon K09901A00 Leafing Pen, Gold, .33 Ounce –  I bought this pen for another craft project, and I couldn’t resist using it on this project, too!  Such a versatile pen!
  • Graphics Design – There are many places to find nice graphics patterns and here are two of my favorites:
    • Google Images – I always start here first. Go to Google and search for the type of graphics that you are wanting. Just remember to click on “Tools” and select line drawings. It is a good way to find nice graphics for wood burning and wood craft projects such as this one.
    • The Hungry JPEG – The Hungry JPEG has some amazing graphics. But, you do have to purchase them. But, generally they are not expensive.  And, they do have “Freebies” and “$1 Deals”.

Instructions for Making this Wood Craft Project

  1. Download a cross-stitch pattern of your choosing and trace it using graphite paper onto the wooden slab. You should try to be patient, as this is the hard part. There are lots of X’s to trace with cross-stitch patterns! But, it’ll be worth it!

    Transferring the pattern on to the wooden slab
    Transferring the pattern onto the wooden slab
  2. Take out your marker pens and color the leaves and flowers in the colors you like and that match your decor. Since you are, just making x’s with the pens, this part is super easy and lots of fun!
  3. Use the leafing pen to outline portions of the painted design. Of course, the gold leaf gives the artwork a bit of bling. I use this pen and gold leafing any chance I get!

And, that’s it!  If you want, you can customize it by painting your initial in the corner.

You can use this art piece as decor. I like it in my kitchen corralling the salt and pepper shakers. My friend says she likes it displayed in an easel.  Either way, it looks pretty!

And, if you like working with wood, you may want to try wood burning!

Tutorial on how to create this painted wooden slab.
Tutorial on how to create this painted wood craft.
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    1. Kathy, I’m so glad you’re going to try it! I’ve done it a couple of times. I agree it’s not easy to find the right picture. Google and Pinterest are such good sources of ideas. Send me a picture of your finished art piece, I would LOVE to see it!

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