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How to Make Gorgeous & Elegant Handmade Greeting Cards!

These Elegant Homemade Cards Are Easy to Make!

Lovely and elegant handmade greeting cardsElegant Handmade Greeting Cards

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Why Buy Greeting Cards When You Can Have Fun  Making These Handmade Cards?!!

My crafting obsession has now turned to making handmade greeting cards.

And, because of that, I’m sure you’ll be seeing lots of handmade cards on my blog!  I’m that way – when I find a craft that I really enjoy, I’m hooked!  It is the same way with my button art and wood burning!

But, making homemade cards is an understandable affliction:

  • It provides an enjoyable outlet for your creativity. The card design possibilities are limitless! And, experimenting with the different papers and embellishments can take your card making skills to a whole new level.
  • It’s provides purposeful entertainment! If you enjoyed art time in school, you will love making handmade cards! You’ll be coloring, gluing, cutting and stamping like when you were a kid!
  • Homemade cards are inexpensive to make. Once you have purchased some necessary card-making supplies, you can make many lovely greeting cards at minimal cost. And, with the rising cost of greeting cards, these handmade cards are a bargain!
  • Handcrafted cards show you care. People feel special knowing that you spent your valuable time designing and crafting a card customized just for them! Cards like that become family keepsakes. Personalized, handmade cards are NOT tossed in the trash. They become treasures that are kept in the nightstand. Or they become beloved artwork that is framed and enjoyed.  Here are a couple examples of cards that I personalized for the recipient:
    Beautiful Homemade Card for Mom
    Homemade Card for Mom

    Handmade Card for Your Favorite Doctor
    Handmade Card for Your Favorite Doctor

How to Make These Elegant Handmade Greeting Cards

These latest cards were inspired by a beautiful wooden stamp I purchased at Jo-Ann’s Fabric.  The mandala-like stamp was elegant, which was the exact look I wanted to make Thank-You cards.

Lovely and elegant handmade greeting cards
Elegant Handmade Greeting Cards

Although I used the stamp and the template to make Thank-You cards,  you can easily have them say Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Congratulations or anything else for that matter!

Handmade Greeting Card - Congratulations!
Handmade Greeting Card – Congratulations!

Supplies Used to Make These Handmade Greeting Cards:

Oracal 651 Gold Sheets used to make Golden Leaf Canvas Art
Oracal 651 Gold Sheets used to make Golden Leaf Canvas Art

Of course, you don’t have to use vinyl for the lettering. I could have used a gold marker and written or stenciled the sentiment.  But, since I had left-over gorgeous, gold vinyl, I used it.  Also, I printed the letters using the Abracadabra font on my Silhouette Cameo.   Silhouette Cameo — Starter Bundle

Silhouette Cameo
Silhouette Cameo Used for Lettering


  • Assorted Swarovski crystals, buttons and ribbon added the wow factor to the handmade cards. 

144 pcs Crystal (001) clear Swarovski NEW 2088 Xirius 20ss Flat backs Rhinestones 5mm ss20.

I used the crystals on the stamped flower and it looked beautiful! Sparkly bling adds so much glam to a card!  And, I used small buttons on the punched flowers in the Thank You card with the plaid ribbon.

  • Printed cardstock.  I used pastel-colored cardstock that I also had on hand that had a sweet vintage look to them that I liked.  You can purchase this card stock, Colorbok Designer Paper – Homespun Themed – 50 Sheets on Amazon.

    Patterned Paper Used in Handmade Thank You Cards
    Patterned Paper Used in Handmade Thank You Cards
Instructions on Making the Handmade Greeting Cards

Putting these cards together just involved stamping, cutting and pasting.  One quick note, lining the envelopes adds a special touch. So try to save some matching or coordinating cardstock for that purpose.

And, if you liked these, check out the colorful cards. They are a bit flashier than these but just as fun!

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did!  Happy crafting all!


Elegant Handmade Greeting Card
Elegant Handmade Greeting Card
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