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DIY Lake House Art Personalizes Your Home Beautifully!

Learn to Make this cute lake house art signLearn to Make this cute lake art sign

Living on the lake is magnificent, calming and a big departure from living in the city.

It’s so liberating to jump in your boat and drive around the lake or to go fishing any ‘ole time you want. But, my personal favorite is to rock on the dock on these foldable rocking chairs we own and watch the turtles bob up and down. Turtles are cute little creatures (if they aren’t biting or snapping at you!)

Twenty years ago, I could not have imagined living, much less enjoying, this laid-back lifestyle. I am a get things done and accomplishment-focused girl. Relaxing is not in my DNA! Or, at least I didn’t think it was!

But I have adjusted to this new easy-going life!

After years in the stressful corporate world, chilling out on the lake is probably just what my soul and heart needed.

And, maybe that is why, lake lovers enjoy lake décor! We like celebrating the unique, easy-going lake lifestyle that we feel so fortunate to enjoy!

Learn to Make this cute lake art sign
Learn to Make this cute lake house art sign

Supplies for Silhouette Cameo Project – Lake House Art:

  • Chalkboard:

You’ll need a “Large Ornate Chalkboard on a Jute Rope” that you can buy at Hobby Lobby. This chalkboard measures 11 x 16-inches. Hobby Lobby has an impressive choice of chalkboards that make terrific blanks for your Silhouette Cameo art.

  • Silhouette Cameo:

    Silhouette Cameo
    Silhouette Cameo

Of course, the Silhouette Cameo excels at creating vinyl lettering for custom artwork. Letters are what Cameos do best!

  • Oracal 651 Vinyl:

I used red vinyl to make the letters. The Oracal 651 vinyl is tough and durable and, most importantly, withstands the outdoor elements. So, if you want to hang your lake house sign on your front door or your porch, this brand of vinyl is for you!

  • Painted Wooden Fishing Lure:

I bought this painted fishing lure at Hobby Lobby. But, a fishing embellishment of any kind would work just as well. For example, an antique fishing reel would be a perfect substitute and would add a bit of vintage to the piece!

Instructions to Make the DIY Lake House Art:

  • Create “Life is Better at the Lake” text using your Silhouette Cameo and your favorite font.
  • Cut out the vinyl letters and transfer them onto the chalkboard using your favorite transfer paper.
  • Hang your wooden fishing lure (or the lake décor of your choosing) on the chalkboard. I glued the rope from the back using hot glue.

And, that’s all to making this cute wall art!

Here are a few more Craft Ideas to Consider!

  • Modify the Sign for Your Husband’s Man Cave.

You could have it to say, “Jon’s Man Cave – Enter at Your Own Risk”. You could replace the lure with a cast iron bottle opener or another decorative piece that fits with the theme. Cute!

  • Make A Sign for A Boy’s Room.

You could have the sign say, “Boy’s Only – Others will be Towed Away!”. Then, you can hang brightly colored metal or plastic cars. I’m sure you have some great boys in your life who would love this!

  • Make A Sign for Your Favorite Man’s Work Area.

The sign could say “Caution: Occasional Flying Tools in this Area!” And, you could hang workshop tools on the side. This is an endearing and inexpensive gift to give your husband or dad!

  • Personalize It!

The Silhouette Cameo makes personalization a breeze! It’s easy to add the recipient’s name to the wall art using vinyl letters.

There are so many ways to change this lake house art project. Of course, I cannot cover them all!

It’s important to remember that your creativity can take this project to a totally different direction. You can make this “your own” with a bit of thought and good ol’ ingenuity!

And, check out this adorable fish button art.  It also makes a cute lake house art piece for your home!

Happy Crafting all!


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