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Kids Craft Button Art Is Fun & Adorable!

Kids Craft Button Art is Fun to Make!Kids Craft Button Art is Fun to Make!

Kids craft button art is fun!  It’s a craft that kids of all ages enjoy!  I’ve seen five-year-old kids do this type of art. And, I’ve seen teenagers have fun with it as well.

Kids Button Art: Make Your Initial in Buttons!
Kids Button Art: Initial Made by Nine-Year Old

Kids of all ages enjoy playing with the different-colored buttons. They also enjoy choosing which ones to include in their artwork.  They especially like those that are shiny or have an unique shape.

Kids Button Art: Cross Made at Vacation Bible School
Kids Craft Button Art: Cross Made at Vacation Bible School

And, they are always enthralled by how lovely and unique their button art piece turns out.

Kids Button Art: Heart Made by Six Year Old

If you’re thinking of introducing this kids craft button art to your kids, here are a few tips:

  • For younger kids, it’s best to draw the shape on the canvas for them.  Use a pencil to lightly draw the shape and explain to them that they need to stay inside the lines.  Another option, if you don’t want pencil marks on the canvas, is to cut out the shape on a piece of paper and then tape the paper (with the image cut-out) on the canvas. The cutout image gives the child a template to use and protects the outer canvas from glue stains.
  • Discuss the button color and size options with the kids. Explain to them that they can choose variations of one color or multiple colors. They can pick colors to match their room.  Also, explain to the child that they want to use different sizes of buttons.
  • Suggest that they select the buttons that they want to use and place them on their canvases BEFORE they start gluing.
  • Have a large choice of buttons and even some bling (rhinestone or cabochons) from which to choose.  It’s just more fun that way!  I suggest raiding your button jar AND buying some unique buttons online. Buttons are not expensive and will add a lot of joy to the child and pizzaz to the art piece.

Supplies to Make Kids Craft Button Art

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.  And, clicking on these links won’t cost you any more. Thank you!

  • Art Canvas – The heart and the letter “C” artworks featured in this post were made on an 8-inch x 10-inch stretch canvas. The stretch canvas is easy to hang on the wall and doesn’t need purchasing a frame which is super nice!
  • Buttons, Rhinestones and/or Cabochons – Here are a few suggestions of inexpensive buttons and bling to buy.

Outus 500 Pieces Buttons Resin Button Round Craft Buttons with Plastic Storage Box – this provides for a nice assortment of colors and sizes.  Plus it has a nifty little storage box.

Kids Button Art: Buttons with Plastic Case
Buttons with Plastic Case

100pcs Mixed Wooden Buttons – Round Colorful Painting Buttons

Kids Button Art: Colorful Wooden Buttons
Colorful Wooden Buttons

Blulu 600 Pieces Gems Acrylic Craft Jewels Flatback Rhinestones Gemstone Embellishments Heart Star Square Oval and Round, 6 to 10 mm, Assorted Color

Kids Craft Button Art - Assorted Bling
Kids Button Art – Assorted Bling
  • Gem Tac Glue – This glue will keep your buttons or rhinestones fixed well on the canvas. I’ve never had one fall off when using this glue.  It’s the best and worth the extra cost.

Instructions for Kids Crafty Button Art

  • Prepare the canvas for the kids craft button art by either drawing the shape or placing a template with the cutout image onto the canvas.
  • Position the buttons and bling on the canvas.
  • Glue the buttons and bling.

    Kids Craft Button Art: It's Plain Fun!
    Kids Crafty Button Art: It’s Plain Fun!

It’s that easy to make this fun kids craft button artwork.  And, the options for designs and colors are limitless!  Your kids will love it and will be so proud to have it hanging in their room!

If you like button art, you may want to check out this other kids button craft that makes a cute gift for a little one!

Happy Crafting friends!



Kids Love Making Kids Craft Button Art!
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Kids Love Making Kids Craft Button Art!
Kids craft button art is a craft that kids of all ages enjoy! It's easy, fun and the results are GORGEOUS!
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