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Silhouette Tip: Importing Multiple Files into Silhouette Cameo

Importing Multiple Files Into Silhouette Saves Time So You Can CreateImporting Multiple Files Into Silhouette Saves Time So You Can Create

Importing Multiple Files Into Silhouette is a Breeze!

Importing the Files is Easy if You Follow These Simple Steps

Hi everyone!

If  you’re like me and other Silhouette Cameo aficionados, you LOVE Hungry JPEG and its sister site, Craftbundles.  They have these amazing designs for sale and at a bargain price. I especially like their bundles and regularly buy them. As the name implies, these bundles contain a “bundle” of fonts and graphics which I regularly use with my Silhouette Cameo to create cards, art and gifts.  The many design choices in these bundles always inspire me to CREATE!  So, I’m clearly a fan of bundles.

Importing Multiple Files to Silhouette from the Hungry JPEG Made Easy

The Hungry JPEG

But, after purchasing a bundle, do you ever dread importing multiple files into Silhouette? Grrrrrr, I do!! Can you hear me grumble?  It was so time-consuming to import each graphic’s file one-by-one into the Silhouette Library!

Importing multiple files one-by-one into your Silhouette Cameo takes a ton of time, people!  That is, unless you know a few tricks!  And, after some research, I did uncover an easier way!  And, it’s made my Silhouette life so much better.

Hopefully, all my research can keep you from grumbling.

Here’s how I am importing multiple files into Silhouette these days:

  1. Download your bundle or files.
  2. Find your downloaded file on your device.
  3. Click on your downloaded file and then “Extract all” (PC) or unzip (MAC).
  4. Send it to a file called:  Purchased Bundles/sitename_month_year.  For example, Purchased Bundles/HungryJPEG_Mar_2017.  Tip: I set up a file called Purchased Bundles ahead of time to store all my purchases.  It just makes it easier to find later!  And, I’m all about easy and organized.
  5. Once the file has finished extracting or unzipping, search Purchased Bundles for all “.dxf” or “.svg” files.
  6. Once you have found them and have them lined up, highlight all the files and do a massive “drag and drop” over to the Silhouette Library.

It’s that easy!!

Here is a link to a You Tube Video that explains it all very well. It took me some time to go through the number of videos on that topic.  Trust me when I say that this is the best.



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