Sweet Hydrangea Button Frame For A Special Girl

It Matches the Hydrangea Bunny button art!

This adorable button frame adds a warm dose of sweet goodness to a little girl’s room!  And, at a low-price!  Cute, easy and inexpensive – that’s pretty perfect!

I crafted the frame to match the Hydrangea bunny art piece.  If you missed that post, here it is:

Hydrangea Bunny.  Isn’t the Hydrangea button bunny cute?!

And, since I had some cute hydrangea-colored buttons left over from that project, I thought a matching frame made all the sense in the world. I’m thrifty like that.


  1. Buy a wooden frame. I bought mine at Walmart.  Since Walmart has been beefing up their crafting section, I’ve been visiting them quite often.  And, I’m thrilled with their new wares!  This frame was very affordable and just perfect for this project.

2. Next, spray paint the frame white or another color.  The paint didn’t adhere as well as I expected so you’ll likely need two coats. Or, better yet, apply a base coat.

Button Frame Purchased from Walmart and Spray Paint


3.  Finally, hot glue the ribbons and buttons.  I used ribbon given to me by a local fabric store.  The ribbon was included in a large bag of remnants.  The fabric store gave me a mountain of leftover ribbon at a steal of a price.  As you know, crafting can be pricey.  So, I’m always looking for cast offs and deals!

Anyway, that’s all there is to it!  So cute!  And so easy!  And, it’s very customizable.

Adios, amigas!


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