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Cool Canvas Idea Would Make Amazing Décor for Your Home!

Cool Canvas Idea: Make a Golden Leaves Canvas Wall artBeautiful golden leaves art work is a cool canvas idea!

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Use Your Silhouette Cameo to Bring this Cool Canvas Idea to Life!

The Golden Leaves Canvas Wall Art is definitely a favorite of mine!

It has a clean, modern look and yet it’s a bit glamorous.  It looks  expensive but it’s not.

WooHoo! I’m jumping for joy over this cool canvas idea!

Jumping for JOY (Many Years Ago) over this Cool Canvas Idea!

Of course, Pottery Barn will have nothing on you if you showcase this lovely Silhouette Cameo Craft in your home.

Plus, this art project is not time-consuming to make.  Once you have gathered the supplies, it only takes an hour or so to complete.

And, yes, I took a shortcut by purchasing the leaf patterns through the Hungry JPEG, one of my favorite sites.  But the beautiful finished artwork makes me think that it was well worth the $1!

Yep, you saw it correctly, it was one dollar!

And, after you’re done making the Golden Leaves Canvas Wall Art, you can use the leaf patterns for other projects (greeting cards, stencils, coasters and much more).  And, with so many possible uses, the leaf patterns are an amazingly great deal!

Supplies Needed to Make this Gorgeous Canvas Art Project

  • Six 4 x 4-inch canvas panels (use the thin panels not the stretched canvas kind)
  • One 12 x 16-inch canvas (again, use the thin panel not stretched canvas kind if you’re planning on framing the artwork. Otherwise, you can use a stretched canvas for the back board.)
  • Gold vinyl – I used Oracal 651 vinyl and bought them through Amazon.  These gold vinyl sheets are very versatile. The gold color is elegant and this particular brand of vinyl adheres better than most.  Plus, I love that I can use it outdoors.

    Oracal 651 Gold Sheets used to make Golden Leaf Canvas Art
    Oracal 651 Gold Sheets used to make Golden Leaf Canvas Art
  • And, of course, I couldn’t have made this without my trusty Silhouette Cameo, my absolute favorite tool of all time!  This machine is so worth it if you’re a crafter!

    Silhouette Cameo used to make Golden Leaf Canvas Wall Art
    Silhouette Cameo used to make Golden Leaves Canvas Wall Art

Hungry JPEG Cut Files – The Hungry  JPEG is a great site for both designers AND crafters.  They have some great deals that all crafters appreciate.

The leaf designs, #37391 Simple Fern Crafters, can be bought on the Hungry JPEG site (click on link).  Once purchased, download the dxf files and upload them to your Silhouette Cameo.  It’s that simple.

Leaf choices from the Hungry JPEG
Leaf choices from the Hungry JPEG

The instructions to make this cool canvas art are quite easy.

  • Select the leaves you want to showcase.
  • Cut six (6) leaves using the gold vinyl and your Silhouette Cameo.

    Golden Leaves
    Golden Leaves vinyl cutting process
  • Transfer each of the six vinyl leaf patterns onto a 4 x 4-inch canvas.
  • Once all the six leaves are affixed, hot glue the six 4 x 4-inch canvases onto the larger one.  You can place the smaller canvas in two straight lines or you can stagger them.  Either way looks nice.
  • As you can see, I placed my art piece in an inexpensive 12 x 16″ white frame.  So gorgeous!
Golden Leaves Art
Final Finished Art Piece

And, you can use this same concept using other shapes.  For example, this would be cute using gold or multi-colored flowers.

Simple flowers for canvas art
Simple flowers for canvas art

Or cover your small canvas panels with Christmas fabric and showcase snowflakes.

Happy Crafting, friends!  And, if you like this project, why not try button art!  Learn how to make beautiful button art through my easy-to-follow tutorial!




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