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What to Do With Scrap Ribbon: Make an Elegant Wreath!

Beautifully elegant wreathBeautifully elegant wreath is made with just a bit of ribbon and a few buttons.

Elegant Wreath Made from Scrap Ribbon

This Elegant Wreath Was Almost a No GO!

I almost gave up on this wreath. Absolutely everything I tried Bombed. I had many bags of scrap ribbon in my crafting arsenal and I wanted to use them. But, whatever combination of ribbons I tried, the  wreath looked too blah, too ordinary or just plain wrong.

It’s so very FRUSTRATING!!  Have you ever been there?

Then, after many, many attempts, I finally came up with a look that I liked. It wasn’t too flowery or overdone. And, it looked a bit more elegant than most. And, it even had a Spring-like flair.

I was jumping for JOY!

Jumping for JOY (Many Years Ago) over this Cool Canvas Idea!

You have to deal with so many emotions when you are a crafter!

Elegant front door wreath
Beautiful front door wreath

And, it’s easy and straight forward to make.

You do need ribbon in a variety of colors and textures, a Styrofoam wreath, a hot glue gun, a ceramic plaque (you can get them at Hobby Lobby)  and a Silhouette Cameo (or other cutting machine) . Of course, a sprinkling of buttons looks nice too.

Elegant wreath in process
Elegant wreath in process

How to Make the Beautiful and Elegant Wreath:

  • First of all, tightly wind the ribbon around the Styrofoam form.  Glue the ribbon tightly near at the ends  with a hot glue gun. winding and gluing until the wreath is fully covered.
  • Glue any embellishments (bow and buttons) to the wreath.
  • Next, print the word “welcome”on gold vinyl using your Cameo or other cutting machine.
  • Carefully, place the lettering on the ceramic plaque and stitch / glue the plaque to the wreath.
  • And, then, lastly proudly place it on your front door to welcome your guests!

Of course, I would love to get your feedback on this wreath and see your own beautiful creations!

Happy Crafting Friends!


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