Baby Gift Made with Ceiling Tile & a Bit of Bling

DIY Baby Gift Using Ceiling TileDIY Baby Gift Using Ceiling Tile

Project: Super Cute Baby Gift

Baby Gift made with a bit of BLING!

Save-on-Crafts is one of my favorite places to buy craft supplies. They carry some super cute items at reasonable prices.  They carry so many great crafting items – flowers and other wreath making supplies, easels and frames, baskets and so much more.  I love just browsing their site looking for new products and ideas.

For example, I purchased these metal ceiling tiles from them and have found them very versatile. They measure 6 1/8 inches x 6 1/8 inches and can either hang on a wall or stand on dresser.  Being metal, they are wonderful for adhering vinyl lettering. And, best of all, they are only $4.99!  Yep, that’s right…they’re only $4.99!

Ceiling Tile with Hanger White
Ceiling Tile used to Make Baby Gifts from Save-on-Crafts
Back of Ceiling Tile
Back of Ceiling Tile Purchased from Save on Crafts

You can make so many gifts with them! The sky is the limit!

I’ve used them to made a few cute baby gifts .  For example, I took some nursery-colored Swarovski crystals and cabochons and created a small, sparkly heart at the top. I then placed “Baby Sleeping” in pink vinyl on the bottom using my Silhouette Cameo.  It turned out darling!  It fits just right on a door knob!  It’s a cute and practical gift!

DIY Baby Gift Using Ceiling Tile
DIY Baby Gift Using Ceiling Tile

And, I made a slightly different version, by placing the child’s first initial in the middle of the tile.  I created the initial design with a mixture of tiny pink, blue and white buttons and Swarovski crystals.  I outlined the initial with white cabochons so that it would stand out.  I topped it off with a cute vintage-styled ribbon!  I thought it turned out pretty well, too!

DIY Baby Gift Using Ceiling Tile
DIY Baby Gift Using Ceiling Tile

These gifts take less than an hour to make and let’s the recipient know that you cared enough to make her the gift!

What is extra nice about these ceiling tiles is that they are light-weight and, therefore, easy to mail.

Anyway, I hope you’ll try these and send me some pictures!

Happy Crafting all!


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