You Couldn’t Guess What I Used to Make these EASTER Cards!

Adorable Easter CardAdorable Easter Card is so Easy to Make

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Learn How to Make the Cutest Handmade Easter Cards Ever!

Is it Ok if I Swoon Over These Gorgeous Handmade Easter Cards?

Easter Cards made with Wooden Mason Jar Labels
Happy Easter Cards made with Wooden Mason Jar Labels

I wanted to make a couple of Easter cards to go with these cute Easter baskets that I made.  Remember this sweet little basket?  After all the effort that went into those hand decorated Easter baskets, run-of-the-mill, dollar store Easter cards would just not do!

Button Bunny Showing Off in Easter Basket
Button Bunny in Easter Basket

So, I started experimenting with material that I had on-hand from other projects.  For example, I had a couple of cute little wooden mason jar signs left over from a key chain project.  And, instead of scrapping them, I decided to transform them into Easter eggs…and, unlike the quirky key chains (that you’ll likely never see because they are so UGLY), the Easter eggs turned out pretty cute!

No one would have guessed I used Mason Jar signs for the Easter eggs, but I did!

AND, they were super EASY to make!

And, of course, now my mind is racing…what else can I make with these super cute wooden Easter eggs?  How about an Easter tree adorned with these wooden Easter eggs?  OMG!

Adorable Easter Card
Adorable Easter Card is so Easy to Make

It’s so easy to get sidetracked when you’re crafting and blogging and crafting.

Supplies Needed to Make Handmade Easter Cards

  • Brightly-Colored Corrugated Cards – You can buy them from Jo-Ann’s Fabric OR you can make your own.  These were on sale, so I couldn’t resist!

    Corrugated Cards Bought at Joann's
    Colorful Corrugated Cards Bought at Joann’s
  • Bright Glitter Gem Paper Flowers from the Paper Studio (the Spare Parts Collection) – You can buy these on Amazon.  90pc Paper Glitter Gem Flowers Set – Brights
  • Transform Wooden Mason Jar Labels. These can be found on Amazon. Loew Cornell, TransforMASON 10 Count Wooden Tags, Ovals

    Wooden Mason Jar Tags Used on Easter Card
    Wooden Mason Jar Tags
  • Gel coloring markers, glue and raffia or string.

Instructions to Make Handmade Easter Cards:

  1. Using the gel pens or markers, draw stripes on the wooden labels (I guess I can call them “Easter eggs” now).  My pens were glittery, so they add a bit of sparkle but the sparkle is hard to see in the picture.
  2. Glue the flowers on the wooden egg and tie the ribbon.

    Picture of the Easter Cards in Process
    Picture of the Easter Cards in Process
  3. Glue the egg on the card. If you like, place a piece of cardstock under the card first like I did in the picture above.
  4. Download the Link to the Happy Easter saying and copy it on a color printer.  Use heavy white or other colored cardstock.
  5. Cut it to fit the card and then, glue it to the card.
  6. Sit back and admire your work!

    Easter Card Before It Was Glued
    ,Easter Card Before It Was Glued

These are EASY and they turn out so darn cute!!

And, if you like making beautiful handmade greeting cards, check out these gorgeous Elegant Thank You Cards.



Make these Easter Cards - Easy as 1-2-3!
Make these Easter Cards – Easy as 1-2-3!
Blue Easter Card
Blue Easter Card

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