Easter Button Bunny Makes a Great Beginning Button Art Project! [Tutorial]

This Little Guy Makes a Sweet DIY Gift!

Easter Button Bunny to Give

Easter Button Bunny Project

This Easter Button Bunny is a piece of cake!  Really!


Easter is just around the corner. And, it’s the time to decorate your home for Spring. And, nothing looks cuter than this framed Easter Button Bunny. He looks sweet and cheery in the entry way or added to an extra-special Easter Basket…actually, this sweet bunny looks cute pretty much anywhere! And, he’s super easy and inexpensive to make.

Closer Look at Easter Button Bunny
Easter Button Bunny -Detailed Look


I made two versions so you can see how he looks in different colors and sizes. I made the multi-colored one and a purplish one. As with all my button art projects, feel free to customize it to match your decor.

The supplies that are needed to make this little guy are:

  1. A 5 x 7 canvas – these canvas panels are available at most craft stores and even Walmart. You can choose a 1/8” thin panel or the larger width canvas panel. Just remember that if you want to frame him, you’ll likely want to use the thinner panel.
  2. Small, multi-colored buttons and sparkly crystals. Again, you can find these at your local craft stores. Joann’s Fabric has a large selection. Just remember that you want SMALL buttons of different sizes.
  3. Gem-Tac or other similar glue.
Easter Button Bunny is super cute
Close-up of Cute Easter Button Bunny

Also, if you’re new to button art, you may want to check out one of my earlier posts which gives more tips on where to buy the supplies you will need to create this bunny and other button art.

And, if you are new to button art, this Easter button bunny IS the perfect project for you.

Super Simple Instructions:

  1. Print out the bunny silhouette. Cut him out so you can trace him.  Easter Bunny Silhouette to Download
  2. Carefully trace the silhouette to the canvas.
  3. Position the buttons onto your canvas. Play around with it until you like how it looks.
  4. Then, glue the buttons in place.
  5. Stand back and admire your work!!Button Bunny Showing Off in Easter Basket

Such a cute and fun project! This little guy would make a great Easter gift by the way….Enjoy!

Purple Easter Button Bunny
Purple and Green Easter Button Bunny with “Bunny” Cut in Vinyl on Bottom (Using Silhouette Machine)

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