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Check Out This Button Bunny Art Project for Kids!

Easy to Make Button Art Project for KidsCute Purple Bunny art project for kids

Enjoy Time Spent Creating this Adorable Button Bunny Art Project for Kids!

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Why not spend a relaxing afternoon with your kids or grandkids making this sweet little Button Bunny art project for kids?  This project will keep them happily entertained while promoting their creativity and eye/hand coordination.

But, most importantly, they’ll feel so proud of themselves when they see the finished product.

And, isn’t that why most of us do crafts?

Supplies Needed for this Art Project for Kids

  1. 11 x 14 Canvas – These canvas panels are available at most craft stores and on Amazon. I used a 1/8″ inch wide canvas but the larger, stretched canvas panels work just as well.
  2. Blumenthal Lilac Buttons & white buttons to supplement – If you want to make the bunny another color, Blumenthal button packets come in different colors (honeydew, giraffe, pretty plums, turtle shell and more). These button packets are great because the buttons come in different sizes, styles and colors which make the art work more interesting.

    Blumenthal Buttons Used to Create the Purple Bunny Button Art
    Blumenthal Buttons Used to Create the Purple Bunny Button Art
  3. Assorted matching trims of your choice. If you can’t find the fluffy trim for the tail, a large white button would work.
  4. Gem-Tac or other similar glue made specifically for gems or buttons. Gem-Tac is a great glue and keeps the buttons in place permanently.

Download the bunny silhouette here.

Instructions to Make Button Bunny:

  1. Download and print the bunny silhouette. Cut him out with scissors.
  2. Carefully, trace the bunny silhouette onto the canvas. I used a purple marker to trace the bunny silhouette since it matched the buttons and the outline would show.  However, a black marker works too.
  3. Glue the trim around his neck and the fluffy tail.
  4. Last of all, glue the buttons randomly on the bunny. I generally glue the larger buttons first and then, fill in the rest.

And, that’s all there is to it!

Such a cute and fun project for kids of all ages!

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Happy Crafting!


Easy to Make Button Craft for Kids
Cute Purple Bunny – Fun Art Project for Kids!


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