Handmade Gifts: Beautiful Easter Baskets for Girls

Beautiful Girls Easter BasketDIY Easter Baskets to Give

How to Make Hand Decorated Easter Baskets for Girls

These adorable girls Easter Baskets are especially fun to make since they started their lives as Christmas Baskets. What a transformation!

But, they were on mega sale (75% off) at the local “at home” store and who can resist a good deal? I sure can’t. I bought them on a whim and I’m now glad I did.

It just took a bit of elbow grease and a few basic supplies to transform them into lovely Easter baskets for girls.

Christmas Baskets Turned into Girl's Easter Baskets
Girls Easter Baskets Started as Christmas Baskets


DIY Girls Easter Basket
DIY Girls Easter Basket in Process

Supplies Needed to Make Handmade Easter Basket for Girls:

I made these girls Easter Baskets with some very basic supplies, many which you likely have around the house:

  • White spray paint. Admittedly, these baskets took two cans of spray paint to cover. The red and green Christmas decor was not easy to hide. And, after multiple trips to the garage to spray paint these baskets, I questioned my choice of baskets.
  • Glue Gun.  And, what crafters are without one of these in their stash of crafting supplies?
  • Ribbon and Lace.  I decorated these baskets with three types of ribbon:
    • the lime green with hot pink polka dot ribbon around the basket rim and on top of the handle;
    • the white fabric ribbon beneath the green and pink; and,
    • a thinner white, lacy ribbon on the handle.
  • Embellishments such as Buttons & Paper Flowers.  The multi-colored paper flowers on one of the baskets are from the Paper Studio and are part of their Poppies & Paperie collection.  I adorned the other Easter basket with buttons and other embellishments that I already had on hand. I’m sure if you look around, you’ll find that you also have embellishments as well. If not, just shop for pink, green and white buttons in different sizes and shapes.

The instructions are simply to hot glue the embellishments onto the baskets.  And, then stand back and enjoy your handiwork!

And, just as a fyi, here is another basket I put together using scrap ribbon.  It turned out cute but I liked the other ones better.  What do you think?

Scrap Ribbon Easter Basket
Scrap Ribbon Easter Basket
Girls Easter Baskets Made with Scrap Ribbon
Girls Easter Baskets Made with Scrap Ribbon

And, if you like this craft, how about including some monster jokes in your Easter eggs?  This printable is free and they are wonderful in lunch boxes too!

Happy crafting all!




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