Make DIY Garden Markers Using Wood Burning

DIY Garden MarkersDIY Garden Markers Make Great gifts

Wood Burning is a Fun Way to Make Gifts Like these DIY Garden Markers

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Pyrography means to draw with fire and it’s an art medium gaining in popularity.

The development of new, less expensive tools may be the reason. Or, it could be that it’s following the growth in handmade items as a result of the internet explosion.

Whatever the reason, folks are increasingly discovering the enjoyment of  drawing on wood.

For me, wood burning is one of the most relaxing ways to spend a Saturday afternoon. Unlike other crafting mediums like button art and paper crafts, wood burning has the distinct advantage that it doesn’t turn my house into a crafting disaster!

Wood burning is very contained – just the wood burner, the wood and me!

Of course, I’m always looking for cut wood to wood burn.  Wooden spoons, cutting board and serving boards are standard fare. But, when I spotted these paint stirrers on Amazon, I thought I had gone to Heaven.

Paint stirrers for Garden Markers
Paint stirrers for Garden Markers

These paint stirrers are inexpensive and perfect for practicing wood burning and making many things including Garden Markers.

DIY Garden Markers
DIY Garden Markers

The idea for garden markers came to me after buying a few potted herbs at Home Depot. I had 3 or 4 empty garden pots and they looked like they needed a bit of sprucing up!

Anyway, the idea of making garden markers out of the paint stirrers turned out to be a good one.


DIY Garden Markers - so cute!
DIY Garden Markers – love them!

Don’t you think a bundle of these garden markers would make a lovely present for a friend, mother or grandmother or anyone who enjoys gardening?

Supplies Needed to Wood Burn DIY Garden Markers


  • Download and print the Herbs Written In Blessed Print. The letters are sized for the long paint sticks.
  • Trace the words on the wooden paint stirrers using graphite paper.  Leave 2″ on the end for the embellishments.

    Trace the letters using graphite paper
    Trace the letters using graphite paper
  • Wood burn the paint stirrers.  I won’t detail the wood burning art here.  However, if you’re new to wood burning or pyrography, I highly recommend this book,which you can purchase through Amazon.
    Nib Used When Wood Burning DIY Garden Markers
    Nib Used When Wood Burning DIY Garden Markers

    Image result for wood burning books

  • Hot glue the wooden cutouts on the end of the paint stick and color them with water proof markers.

And, that’s it!  Hope you try making them yourselves!  And, if you do, send pics!

Last thing, I have an awesome Pinterest Board called “Something’s Burning“.  Follow my Board to see some more great Wood Burning projects and templates!  Here’s a sample of one of mine:

Wood Burning Cutting Board
Christmas Wood Burning Cutting Board

Happy Crafting and Gardening!


DIY Garden Markers are so cute!
DIY Garden Markers are so cute!
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