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Why Buy Cards When You Can Make These?!

Learn How to Make Handmade Birthday CardsLearn How to Make Handmade Birthday Cards

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These Colorful Handmade Cards are EASY BREEZY to Make!

Paper crafting is a seriously fun way to relax.

And, when you’re stressed, nothing relieves your worries better than creating beautiful handmade cards.

There is no way that you can remain sad, stressed or worried after an hour of paper crafting fun!

And, designing THESE brightly-colored cards was especially engaging.  So much fun, that I made at least a dozen of these cards.

Colorful Washi Tape Inspired the Design of these Colorful Handmade Cards

My main inspiration for these colorful handmade cards was a gorgeous Scotch Washi tape.  You can see the Washi tape in all its glory in the top corner of the picture below.

Scotch Expressions Washi Tape, Multi-Pack with Storage Box, Diamonds, Dots, Lines, 4 Rolls (C317-4PK-DIAM)


Set of colorful handmade cards made from corrugated paper.
Set of colorful handmade cards.

I loved the colors on the washi tape and they were a perfect complement to the colorful corrugated cards that I found at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics.

The corrugated cards were on sale for $4.97 (24 cards)!  Yep, this Crafty Cubanita loves deals!  And, Jo-Ann’s has some amazing deals and a huge selection of blank cards.

Bright cards made from corrugated paper.
Bright, corrugated cards bought at Jo-Ann’s Fabric.

However, when I went back to Jo-Ann’s, I couldn’t find them.

So, if you’re looking for some colorful blank cards, check these out on Amazon!

Neon Brights Note Card Assortment Pack – Set of 36 cards – 6 of each color, blank inside and out – with matching envelopes

These are a few of the greeting cards that I put together.

Cute and colorful handmade birthday card.
My favorite of the cards that I made! Simple but dramatic!
Colorful greeting cards made with corrugated paper.
Colorful greeting cards made with Washi tape, stamps, buttons and other embellishments.

Because I believe in “less is more”, I try to limit the number of stamps and embellishments that I use on my cards.

Colorful handmade greeting cards
Colorful handmade cards

Supplies Used to Make these Colorful Handmade Cards

A few other items that I used in making these cards included:

  • Puncher in shape of a flower.  And a corner punch. Aidox Angle 10mm Eater Corner Rounder Large  If there is one must-have tool for making cards, it’s a corner punch!  They aren’t expensive but they carry a big punch (excuse the pun!)
  • Colorful buttons left over from my button art. That is something else I enjoy about making cards.  You can use everyday items such as left-over ribbon, old buttons, string and more to design your card. You can even recycle pictures from old cards.
  • Happy Birthday and Congratulations stamps that I had purchased years ago.  But, you can find similar stamps at your local craft store.  I used black ink but there are many ink colors to choose from.  (Also, if you don’t want to mess with a stamp, you can just free-hand it or stencil it!)

Anyway, I hope this post inspired you to try making your own greeting cards!

And, if you do like making greeting cards, click to learn how to use word cloud software to embellish and personalize your handmade cards.  Word Clouds is another great tool to have in your handmade card making arsenal!

Handmade Father's Day Card
Handmade Father’s Day Card

And, here’s a few more cards I made over the last year.

Valentine's Day Card
Cute Card to Give Your Valentine
Give your sweetheart a home-made Valentine’s Card!
Handmade Mother's Day Card
Handmade Mother’s Day Card

And, if you want to take a peek at some beautifully, elegant handmade cards, click here.

Happy Crafting all!


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