Christmas Button Ornament Wall Art Will Bring You Accolades!

Beautiful to Give!

Christmas Button OrnamentChristmas Button Ornament is Beautiful!

Button Ornament Will Sparkle In Your Home at Christmas

This lovely Button Ornament wall art is so rewarding to create.

It is one of those projects that came together perfectly. That is generally not the case!

As a crafter, I’m sure you’ve had your share of ahem “flops” – those efforts that just didn’t pan out like you expected.  I know I have more than my share! One day I’ll do a post on those.

But, this Christmas Button Ornament art is one of the very special ones!

First of all, it is fun to create!  It’s small enough to be completed within one to two hours.

AND, when anyone sees the Christmas Button Ornament art piece, they rave about how much they like it!


  • 6″ x 6″ canvas – I used one with a 1/8″ thickness for this project.
  • Swarovski Crystals – red, black and clear.  You’ll need a bit of red crystals, and a few black and clear ones.
  • Tiny red and green buttons. I used two shades of green to make it more interesting.
  • White cabochons. – If you have read some of my other postings, you will know how much I love these things. They are not expensive (unlike Swarovski Crystals, I may add) and they are gorgeous. They are mainstays in my crafting tool box and I have them in white and black.
  • Basics like glue (Gem-Tac is the best) & tracing paper
  • Matching frame. The one I used is about 8″ x 8″.

Also, if you haven’t read my blog post on button art supplies please do so. It should help you find the necessary supplies.


Download the Button Ornament Template (link is at bottom of post). Trace the heart-shaped ornament to the canvas. Glue the crystals, buttons and cabochons after the sample I provided. Try to decrease the gaps between the buttons and crystals as much as possible. I suggest placing all the buttons, cabochons and crystals on the canvas first. And, then gluing. Be careful to avoid placing glue stains on your canvas. You want it as clean and crisp as possible.

Button Ornament Template

Enjoy making this beautiful art piece!  Happy Crafting all!!


Christmas Button Ornament Wall Art
Christmas Button Ornament Wall Art
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