How to Make This Adorable Button Heart Art!

Blue and Gree Button Heart Art WorkButton Hearts Art Work in Blue and Green

Button Heart Art Makes a Special Gift!

And Button Heart Art is Fun to Do!

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Button hearts are great projects for beginning button artists.

And, with just a bit of guidance, you’ll find that they are easy to make.

Plus, there are so many ways to make the art piece your own.  You can vary the button colors, add a background template, use different colored canvases, personalize it and more!

And, button heart art makes lovely gifts for birthdays and other important occasions.

They make special wedding gifts since you can easily personalize them for the couple. And, all mothers who receive one for Mother’s Day would appreciate the love that went into making them. And, just imagine how uniquely special it would be if you made it with buttons from her button jar!

I have made many of these button hearts art pieces over the last year. And, I’m sure I’ll make more – I like them that much!

Blue Button Heart Art
Button Hearts Art Using Blue Buttons and White Cardstock Base Background

Below are a few of the many color variations I have made:

White button heart art piece
White button heart art piece
Button Hearts Art in Fall Colors
Button Hearts Art in Fall Colors
Blue and gree button heart art work
Beautiful blue and green button hearts art

Supplies Needed to Make Button Heart Art:

If you haven’t read my post on button art supplies, I urge you to do that before you begin. It’ll give you tips on where to find the supplies needed to make these button heart art pieces.

  • Canvas – I used a 5 X 7-inch canvas to make the button hearts. However, you can easily make them larger if you prefer. I like the Ampersand canvas  panels and you can buy these on Amazon. The Ampersand quality is hard to beat!
  • Buttons – Choosing the button colors is so much fun! Of course, you want to use buttons of different sizes, shapes, and colors. I love using vintage buttons in these pieces.  Using interesting buttons will make your piece that much more unique, special and attractive. You can also buy some gorgeous new and vintage button on Etsy!
  • Crystals – I tend to use Swarovski crystals although they are bit pricey. But, they are worth the cost for the beautiful sparkle they give to the art piece.  However, there are other good brands available.  Similar to the buttons, you’ll want to buy different sizes and colors. The varying crystal sizes are especially helpful when filling in gaps between buttons and when outlining your design.
  • White Cabochons – I love white cabochons and use them often when making button hearts. They are inexpensive and add a touch of elegance to your piece! I buy mine on Amazon.
  • GlueGemTac is clearly my favorite. You can buy it through Amazon or at most hobby and craft supply stores.
  • Crystal Applicator – Unless you want to lose your mind when placing crystals and buttons on your canvas, I suggest you buy a crystal applicator. Trust me when I say that it’s worth the price! I use the Crystal Katana Tool by Crystal Ninja Rhinestone Applicator.
  • Cardstock (Optional) – In the blue heart example, I first glued a piece of cardstock on the canvas. That cardstock was in the shape of a heart. It served as my template as well as a vintage-like design element.

Instructions for Making Button Heart Art:

  • Using a pencil, lightly trace a heart on the canvas.
  • Glue the buttons, crystals and cabochons on the canvas.
    • Note that it’s best to try out the buttons on the canvas before gluing them.
    • Also, try your best to create a clean outline by using varying sizes of crystals, cabochons, and buttons on the edges.
    • Also, be extra careful not to get glue stains on your canvas. Although GemTac dries clear, you can see the glue stains on the canvas panels if you accidentally drop some glue outside the heart.
    • Like all art, you will get better each time you do a button art piece. So, don’t give up if your first piece isn’t as nice as you envisioned. It does take a bit of time to get the hang of it. I’m still trying to improve, and I’ve been working with button art for a while.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about this project and I hope you try it!  If you like the button hearts, you may want to try making button bracelets.

Happy Crafting!


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