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These Earrings Make Wonderful Gifts!

Simple but Lovely Green Button Earrings

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After making many gorgeous button bracelets, I thought I would try making button earrings. It wasn’t a big leap.  But, I had resisted making them because I didn’t think they would be as pretty.  But, I was completely wrong.

I am now loving making button earrings!  And, they are lovely!

Plus, they are simple to make and don’t take much time.  And, you control the quality of the materials and the construction.  For example, you may want to make the earrings using gold filled vs. gold plated due to skin sensitivities.

But, the best part is that these earrings don’t cost much to make.  You can craft gorgeous earrings for much less than what it costs at a department store!

So, with a price this low(around $2 or less per pair), you can make beautiful gifts for teachers, friends and family at a fraction of what you would normally spend.  And, they would love and use their gift!   Not a bad way to save!

Materials Needed to Make the Button Earrings:

  • Ear Wires:

I used Silver Plated Swirl Ear Wires made by the Jewelry Shoppe . I found these at Hobby Lobby. But, there are many other types of ear wires to choose from on Amazon and at craft stores. I chose the ones with a swirl because I had a 50% coupon from Hobby Lobby and the swirl gave it a bit of pizzaz.  But, you should search the internet as there many styles of earring wires available online. These earring wires come in silver, gold, copper and every color imaginable. (but, do remember to get the matching jump rings). Here are a couple of earring wires that I like that are highly rated.  And they both cost less than $10.

6 Sterling Silver Leverback 8 x 16 mm Earring Findings

Leverback ear wires in stainless steel
Leverback ear wires in stainless silver

KLOUD City 400 Pcs Silver Stainless Steel Ball & Coil Earring Hooks

  • Ordinary Buttons from your Button Jar.

I like selecting buttons that are distinctive and have a bit of shine, glitz or a shape. But there are many button options.  For example, you can make button earrings using vintage buttons from your grandma’s button jar. Or, you can make button earrings for your teenage daughter using buttons from her favorite toddler outfit. Cute and personal gift-giving!

  • Jump rings large enough to hold your buttons.
  •      I like buying multiple sizes of jump rings. I used 8mm sized jump rings for this project.Jump Rings
  • Crystal Buttons with at Least Two Holes (0ptional)

I found the crystal buttons I used on these two projects at JoAnn’s Fabrics.  However, Swarovski also makes gorgeous crystal buttons that are surprisingly inexpensive.  If you like bling like I do, you can find these crystal buttons on Amazon.  Amazon sells them in many beautiful colors. The one I’m featuring below is a light blue.

Swarovski Crystal, 3018 Rivoli 4-Hole Sew-On Stone Buttons 14mm, 2 Pieces, Crystal Blue Shade

Swarovski Buttons for DIY Earrings

Instructions for Making the Button Earrings

Gift tags make great earring holders
Gift tags make great earring holders
  • Insert the buttons into the jump ring and attach them to the earring wire.

That’s all there is to this craft, folks!  It’s that easy!

DIY Button Earrings are Simple and Lovely

And, if you’re giving them away as gifts, you can create and decorate cute earring holders out of cardstock to hold the earrings in place.

Even nice large gift tags can become earring holders.  Just cut a couple of holes in the tag and insert the earrings.  And stamp a cute design or tie a ribbon on the tag.  Very cute and thoughtful gift!

Earrings with Birthday Card
Earrings were included in a Handmade Birthday Card

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And, if you like these earrings, check out how to make matching button bracelets.

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Button Bracelet Craft: This Button Bracelet Tutorial Will Help You Make These Gorgeous Bracelets to Gift to Family and Friends!

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