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Button Craft TeapotButton Craft Teapot to Make

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This button craft teapot will hold a special place in your kitchen!

So, we all know about my button art love!  It’s just so relaxing to sit down with my buttons and create! Melt! It’s my therapy and my grounding. When life takes twists and turns, I button craft and all is well!

This time, I decided to create an art piece for my kitchen.  And, being that I am totally into tea, a teapot seemed fitting. Since my kitchen has so much green, I went with a green teapot but, of course, you can use any color of your choosing. I do think this teapot would look amazing with bright, multi-colored buttons, don’t you?

Rather than duplicating what I wrote in my button art basics post, I thought I’d share some more tips. By, the way, DO read my button art supplies post if you’re just starting out with button art.  It provides some basic information that should help you get started.

Ok, here are my tips:

  • Paper Templates Protect Your Surface.  I often cut out the template and tape on my canvas.  It helps keep the glue stains off my art work. Even using clear-drying glue, the stains are visible.
Button Craft Teapot Template
Button Craft Templates Can Protect Your Canvas
  • Place your design on paper first.  Don’t begin gluing until you have tested out your colors.  This is especially important if you are trying to create a more realistic button art piece that requires shading.Button Craft Teapot: Configuring the Design


  • Keep your Bling and Buttons Organized. Button art requires organization since you’re working with so many tiny pieces.  I like to store my bling in a multi-compartment, plastic bin.  I have a huge bin for my larger buttons.  I have them sorted by color.  But, I have a separate container for the super large buttons. Having your crafting tools organized and close at hand, makes life so much easier when you are a button crafter!     And here is the teapot template.  Download Button Art Template Here
  • Button and Bling Storage
    One of my bling storage boxes


Enjoy crafting all!  And, send me pics of your own creations!


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