DIY Christmas Gift: Modern Button Art Christmas Trees

Is it Christmas Yet?

Beautiful Christmas Button Tree Makes a Grand Statement!Beautiful Christmas Button Tree Makes a Grand Statement!

Modern Button Art Christmas Tree is Gorgeous!

This Button Art Christmas Tree would Look Beautiful on Your Mantle!

Button Art Christmas Tree to Enjoy
Button Art Christmas Tree

This is such a pretty button art Christmas tree. And, it’s different than other button Christmas trees that I’ve seen.

Red and Blue Button Art Christmas Tree

What makes this button art Christmas tree stand out from the rest are the unique button placements and color combinations. Of course, it’s challenging to find vintage buttons but it just makes the art piece so much more interesting and special. It’s definitely worth the time spent looking for them.

Remember that Etsy does sell some gorgeous and unique buttons.  And, of course, you may even have some at home in your button jar.

Other than the sourcing of buttons, this is not a difficult button project. Really!


      • 11 X 13 Canvas
      • Buttons In Different Sizes And In Coordinating Colors. This project showcases two variations of the same design.
      • Various Sizes of Swarovski Crystals In Gold, Red and Other Colors. I used the crystals around the “star” and in between some of the buttons.
      • White Cabochons.   These little pearls add glamour to button art and can be purchased on Etsy or Amazon

Gem-Tac Glue

  • Colored Wire to Make the Wire Ribbons for Presents
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • String in Different Colors and Other Embellishments

I didn’t use a template. Instead I just drew a long triangle in the shape of the tree on the canvas. Before I started gluing, I played around with the button placement. It took a few tries but I wanted it to look great and button placement matters! Plus, it’s fun to play around with the design.

And, of course, I liked this project so much that I made two different versions. The first version uses standard Christmas colors. The second version uses “vintage” Christmas colors – blues and reds. Both are lovely to give or to keep!

Happy Crafting!



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