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Check Out This Gorgeous & Free Printable Wall Art!

Free Printable BlessedBlessed Free Printable

Free Printable Wall Art
Blessed Free Printable Wall Art

How Did We Ever Live Without Free Printables??

There are Free Printables for everything you can possibly dream up!

These Printables help us lead more organized lives; track our fitness progress; keep us inspired; and, help us decorate our homes with beautiful and free printable wall art.

It’s no wonder that Free Printables are so popular on Pinterest! 

I have a Pinterest Board just on Free Printables called “Printables for Free Y’all!” and it’s a definite favorite of my followers. Click on the link below and you can see the pins and follow me!

Here is the link:

Top 9 “Printables on My “Free Y’all!” Pinterest Board” + My Printable Wall Art

And, since I’m on the topic of Free Printables, I have to share the most pinned Printables from my Free Printables Pinterest Board. 

These Printables received the greatest impressions over the last 30 day period.  It’ll give you an idea of the variety of Free Printables that are available online. It’s incredibly wonderful and helpful!

Of course, of those nine printables, this one is my favorite.  I am a Crafty Cubanita after all and love all things tropical!

Tropical-Palm-Wall-Art-Watercolor-Free-Printable Wall Art

My Contribution to the Free Printables List – Printable Wall Art!

And, here’s a free printable that I made for you! It’s a gorgeous print that would be a stunning addition to a bedroom or living room.

The watercolor flowers are bright and colorful and fits well with many types of décor.

You might even consider giving it to your mother or grandmother for Mother’s Day.  It would also make a lovely birthday present for a special friend.

This print is 8 x 10-inches (but, you can reduce or enlarge it to fit your paper or frame).

Download the template here.

Free Printable
Free Printable Wall Art
Free Printable Blessed
Blessed Free Printable Wall Art


The instructions for my printable wall art (as with all printables) are simple.

  1. Download the file.
  2. Open the file in Microsoft Word, Photoshop or other similar program.
  3. Print it on your computer or send it to a local print shop.
  4. Frame the print and enjoy!!

And, while you’re visiting the Crafty Cubanita, why not stay a bit longer and check out my most popular blog post on wood-burning!

Wood burning is an art form that is staging a major comeback because it’s relaxing, fun and involves wood, a popular craft medium these days!  If you’ve never tried wood burning before, you might discover like I did, that it’s an entertaining and enjoyable hobby to have!

Happy Crafting all!



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