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Adult Coloring Pages for Free & Where to Find Them

Adults are Getting Into Coloring in a Big Way!

Free adult coloring pagesFree Coloring Pages for Adults

Coloring is NOT Just for Kids!

Adult Coloring Pages are the Newest Crafting Trend

In the past, only kids had coloring books.  But,  slowly, we are realizing that this was a mistake. Adults are now getting into the game.  And, they are getting into it in a big way!

So, what have adults been missing all these years?

First of all, we are now learning that the simple activity of coloring can actually help relieve stress and anxiety.  And, it can even help improve your overall mental, emotional, and intellectual health.  Of course, these are pretty great benefits for an activity that is so much fun to do!

Coloring brings us back to simpler times. It reminds us of a time when we didn’t have the responsibilities and the burdens of adult life.  And, by doing so, coloring helps you forget your present worries at least for a time.

If coloring is beginning to sound good to you too, did you know that you can download printable coloring pages online? Well, you can!  And, there are some great sites on the web that give away these printables for free. Yes, totally FREE. And some of the coloring pages are beautifully elaborate and down-right amazing!

Here’s my personal list of the best sites on the web for FREE adult coloring pages.  And, if I’ve missed any of your favorites, please let me know!  I know everyone has their favorites!

free adult coloring pages
free adult coloring pages

So, look through the list.  And, download a coloring page or two. Then, pick up those coloring pencils and begin coloring and just RELAX!


Coloring Pages for Adults

Premier selection of adult coloring pages. There are over 1300 coloring pages from which to choose. And, this site even includes Zen and anti -stress coloring pages for adults.

Trail of Colors

This site contains a nice variety of coloring pages for adults and kids.  Wouldn’t it be nice to make coloring a nightly family activity?

 Color Pages for Mom

And, of course, this site has over 1,600 free coloring pages to keep you coloring for a long time!

As expected, Crayola also provides adult coloring pages.  And, they’ll sell you some crayons too!

 Coloring Life

This site provides adult coloring pages  “For adults who have kept a child’s soul.”

Clip Art and Crafts

And, you guessed it, they provide a nice selection of “printable art-inspired pictures and posters for adults and older kids who like to color”. 

Of course, there are more sites out there who promote adult coloring pages.  And, I would love to hear about your favorites.

Happy Coloring!


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